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      High quality Countertop Oral irrigator tips compatible with Waterpik brand

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      High quality Countertop Oral irrigator tips compatible with Waterpik brand

      Model No.: CP-OR1

      Hydraulic Pressure:0-130psi

      Tank Capacity:800ml

      Pump frequency: 1600pulse/min, 0.8mm high frequency pulse; 

      10 Adjustable modes ,  On/Pause on the handle


      Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60HZ


      Color: Gray (Customized color)

      Function: Clean teeth, massage gum and interdental clean.


      1.10years lifespan of water pipe guaranty 

      2. Motor from JOHNSON (Number one  motor company)

      3.Tips can compatible with Original Waterpik brand as well.

      4. Extremely quiet design and waterproof ;

      5. Less   than 50db while operating and won't wake up your families even if you   floss it at midnight.        6. Up to 5 water flossing piks----For various use such   as toothbrush, cleaning,orthodontic,periodontal      7. Combination of water pressure and   pulsations----Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where   regular flossing can't reach                

      8. More Effective Brushing and Flossing in One Device! 


      High quality Countertop Oral irrigator

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